Friday, December 30, 2005

GoodBye 2005 / Welcome 2006... 

2005 is gonna end in another...let's see....in another 21 hours.....hey....that's less than 24 hours! Oh my!! Tat's fast!

Oh well, I can't stop time, can i....The year just keeps running.....hmm.....

Let's reflect on some stuff that happened this year:

- Rode on an ambulance for the first time.
- Rescued an injured cat from my neighbourhood, only to have it killed at SPCA!!
- Went to see flats with Kumar.
- Bought Kumar a ring for our anniversary. I screwed on the size and we had to change the ring! - Kumar bought a new bike - BlackBird
- Ate twice at Thai restuarants. Thanks to Dr Mak and FengYi.
- Participated in the Primary One Registration Exercise for the first time and almost went bonkers!!

- Had our first Bloggers' meet which turned out be a success!
- Bought too many clothes, bags, accessories, as if I earn millions a year!!!!! I should be shot dead for that!
- Kenny entered our lives and made our world more colourful!
- Got a new niece!
- Met Avril and Minie after 3 years....yes yes, my fault!
- Had 2 part-time jobs. At Cheers and at Comfort. I really pushed myself this year!

Pretty interesting year! Not bad.....Let's hope 2006 will be better in a good way :)

Peps, I'm gonna end this blog with this entry. Gonna start 2006 with a new blog.

New Blog Addy: www.superket.blogspot.com

Hehe....SuperKet! :)



Thursday, December 29, 2005

The Brave Cat, The Scaredy Cat and The Clean Room.. 

I watched Chronicles of Narnia yesterday.

It was good. I enjoyed watching it. Laughed, cried, cheered and cursed...hehehe....I wonder if I sometimes over-react while watching movies... :)

I didn't know where my brains were when I agreed to watch a movie at Orchard. The human traffic was freaking horrible and after the movie, I ended up spending money, buying clothes and accessories!!! Hell!

And I saw Sumi. "Babe, U look great!! U have lost so much weight! Wow!!!"

Came back at 12 and ended up cleaning up my room and sleeping at 2 am. I just don't know why. I suddenly had the urge to clean my room at that hour....I'm wierd aren't I!

I've been sleeping alone in my big 5-room flat! Me being a big scaredy cat, managed to build up courage and slept at home all by myself for the past 3 nights. Pa and bro are in Malaysia, Mum's been working, leaving me all alone! Boo hoo!! I think I might sleeping alone again tonite since Mama's going clubbing with her colleagues!!

Oh well......


Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The Christmas That Was So Zzzzzz.... 

My Christmas was not boring, it was very sleepy....I slept thru Christmas thanks the late-night on Christmas Eve.

My niece's naming ceremony was done on Christmas. It was just an simple thingy with good food, music and of course, booze. Kumar had a good time drinking and ended up with a huge hangover the next day....Haha....I had a pretty bad headache too coz of coming home late after helping to clear the place before leaving.

'Santha sis, there was dancing after you left. So sad you had to leave early.'

My mum and my aunties and almost everyone was having a good time dancing...hahaha....Even Kumar danced with me after he was a bit high la...hehehe....

I had lots of fun on Saturday! :)

Kumar and I took this pic. This is Kumar when he was in the process of getting high.....Just look at my mouth...why is it so big!!!

Boxing Day was spent with cleaning my home and Kumar's place. Shagglistic!!

And now I'm back to work after so much difficulty in waking up this morning. Serene (my boss) has left for Australia yesterday and will only be back in 3 weeks' time. She has gone to attend her cousin's wedding.

I'm gonna miss her and I really hope non of the heads bother me for any statistics! Please!!

Anyway I would like to wish everyone a belated "Merry Christmas!"!!!

Can you believe the year's gonna end in 4 days!!!!


Friday, December 23, 2005

Gifts Galore! 

If you are a faithfully reader of my blog or have last year's entries, you would have known I love Christmas.....I just love Christmas!!!!

The giving and receiving of gifts, the fantastic light-ups everywhere, the festive mood sets in....aahhhh....

Like in every other office, today was gift exchange day at my office. Everyone's table was either filled with gifts or chocolates or both.

U know what was the biggest surprise of the day.....Serene's gift!

Just look at it! I didn't think that she would get me something so expensive. This cost a freaking $50!!!! She got the same thing for Mrs Goh. She must have spent 100 bucks just on us!! Oh my!! Isn't she a darling! But I do feel bad that she got us something so expensive.....

This means that next year, I gotta work harder...oh well, I don't mind. Serene is a wonderful boss! :) Blessed to have her around!

Dr Bobby Mak (for whom I'm being PA) bought me and Serene out for lunch today. Something like a Christmas lunch. We went to Swensen's at Holland Village. It was so nice of him. He's beginning to turn out to be very nice guy after all. He's so friendly with us even though he's an AD and a Phd holder. The coversation flow was so well, we didn't even feel like we were having lunch with higher management. I like him even more now! :) I bought my digi cam along for lunch but I was too paise to take pics....wonder what Dr Mak might think....a bit wierd rite....take pics of having lunch...hehehe....

Christmas is gonna be over in 2 days time and New Year is just around the corner. Time's really running fast. oh well!

U know, I haven't got my gifts from Clara and Ganesha yet. Hmmm.....


Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Woman, pls STOP! 

U know what's irritaing.....Someone constantly talking about her boyfriend and her upcoming wedding which is so many months away.....

Its really irritating to hear someone talk about nothing but her boyfriend and her wedding. I means don't you have anything else to talk about. Everytime we talk about something, 'the boyfriend' and 'the wedding' is mentioned. Oh please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know you are totally in love and you are excited about your wedding on the way but then please spare us! Its fun to hear it once in a while, not always!

A friend of mine (I'm not gonna mention names, don't wish to be sued) is always talking about her boyfriend and their wedding happening soon. We will be talking about something and then she starts to say something related to it, involving her boyfriend. Actually I should say 'Husband' since that's what she calls him even though they are not married yet.

The only topics that she can think about are : Her boyfriend, her wedding, her in-laws-to-be mentioning something about the wedding, what she's is planning for her wedding...blah blah blah......

Hello,You are not the only one getting married!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Damn, that's so irritating! Thank god, I don't have spend everyday with her! I might end up murdering her!!



Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Divisional Events Always Equals To Sore Throat 

After every Divisional event I attend, I always end up with a sore throat. Thanks to all the screaming, shouting and cheering.

It was our Division's Year End Party today and as always, I had loads of fun. To much fun actually...hence the sore throat...

Ever since I joined MOE, I always end up taking part in the activities in every year's year end parties. This year, I tot of just relaxing and watching the show by hiding in a corner. But history repeated itself when Jumari called out my name for the first game. From then on, till the end of the party, I was never on my seat, except to eat.

Let's see what I have done today.....hmm......

1. Helped my boss to blow balloons for her balloon sculpting....She's a professional clown...to put it more professionally....An entertainer.....

*Me with the balloons Serene made for me!*

*Clara and I with the balloons! I just love this picture, so nice!*

2. I pulled out 2 strands of white hair from Mr Chan's already balding head for a game (poor guy!)

3. Ate tasteless food....Yuck!

4. Watched our DCS and DDs make a fool out of themselves by carrying toy instruments and dancing for some disco song...

5. Helped to dress my DD up as Chicken Little, taught him how to dance, and danced together with him for the song.....That was fun!!

6. Screamed, shouted and cheered for our DD when they were deciding for a winner....which is why I've got a sore throat...

7. Got a cariature of myself done by one of my colleagues.....See, I'm SuperWoman!

And finally, Clara and I went camera-crazy and took pics at the Christmas Trees at MOE before going back. It was a bit embrassing but what the heck la, the Christmas trees were just too pretty not to take pics with them!! :) The photos turned out nice, just that our faces were tired...

*The Christmas Tree at Customer Service Centre :)*

*The Christmas Tree outside Customer Service Centre, that's not my present. I just took one from the tree for the photo...hehehe....*

*The Christmas Tree at the Tower Block. Its so pretty!*

Hahaha...so much fun...Its so sad that Clara's gonna leave but her new working place is still near to MOE and we will be able to meet up for lunch once in a while. That's good!

Okie, my bed beackons me! ZZZzzzzzzzzzzz..............


Monday, December 19, 2005

I'm half-dead.... 

Its Monday and I'm almost like half-day and its only 11+. *Sigh*

I've not been having enough sleep. I guess some of you might know why..... no choice la.....actually I do have a choice but then...I think I'll just be good and not get influenced by my lazy side..

Those who don't understand, just ignore what I wrote la. Its just me talking to myself...

I realise I've been sprouting a lot of nonsence on my blog lately.....terrible, terrible!

Anyway I realise that I'm attending functions almost every weekend nowadays. Every month, there's at least one function to attend. Man, there's goes all my taxi money and hongbao! :(

I have my niece's naming ceremony next week, Habibah's engagement in Jan, an uncle's wedding in March. I haven't got any invites in Feb yet but I sense something coming.....Argh!

I went to Radha's bro's 21st b-day on Saturday. It was fun. They had it at SPANS-JOM and it was really grand and nice. I decided that when Alvin turns 21, I'm gonna have a celebration for him like tat too! Must be something grand and special and nice. Not like my under-the-block 21st birthday. It was nice la but then a bit paise la....

Ya, Alvin is just only 14 and i'm already planning all these.....Kethrine, Kethrine...u wonderful la.

I think i'll end here before I go more nonsensical!



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